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Thanks for visiting the Budget Home$chool Math section! So, working Math problems is not your favorite way to spend an afternoon? Perhaps, these links will help you change your mind? Math is all around us, used in many ways we never realize. Math doesn't have to be dull, tedious or hard to understand, for that matter. This extensive set of links will provide plenty of fun, education and relief for the Math blues.

We've searched the web for the very best math sites available. Here you will find everything from basic math facts, both online and offline flash cards, algebra lessons, statistics and how to understand them, as well as division, story problems, tangrams, geometry and everything in between. Explore the exciting world of mathematics. Great for both children and adults.

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    • Money to Build a Robotby HMH School Publishers Ages: 5 - 9Identify the coins to build your own robot. Interactive fun for kids. This online game helps young children identify the value of coins.Subjects: interactive, money, coins, elementary school, numbers, learning, math, nickles, dimes, pennies

    • Kindergarten Money Gameby GPB Education Ages: 5 - 9Kids identify the correct coins needed to buy groceries. An online game geared to kindergarteners, learning to combine coins and bills to pay for food items.Subjects: interactive, game, money, coins, elementary school, shopping, math, nickles, dimes, pennies