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Thank you for visiting Budget Homeschool. This section of our site provides free resources for homeschooling parents and students on a variety of topics and subject matter. I hope you find these links useful.

While I do my best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, some websites do fall by the wayside. If you find a bad link, or a link that should be included here, please let me know.

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    • A Unit Study Using The Magic School Bus Seriesby Kathryn Martinez Ages: 5 - 12The Magic School Bus series is a wonderful literature series for children. There are even chapter books out for the older student. Each book is a unit in and of itself. I've prepared some high-interest activities that you can include into a unit study.Subjects: unit study, lesson plans, activities, worksheets

    • The Magic School Bus Lost in Space Ages: 4 - 8This time Arnold wants to go on a field trip - so his show-off cousin Janet can see what a great teacher Ms. Frizzle is. The Bus becomes a spaceship and the class visits the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. When an asteroid hits the "spaceship," Ms. Frizzle puts on a jet pack and goes outside to make repairs.Subjects: lesson plan, curriculum, science, astronomy, solar system, space, hands on, Ms. Frizzle, sun, planets, orbit, discover the planets, gas, virtual field trip

    • The Magic School Bus Plays Ball Ages: 4 - 8Ralphie's delighted! Ms. Frizzle's class is going to a baseball game. What makes a ball move? To start moving, a ball needs a force - a push or a pull. A force can also change the direction or speed of the ball.Subjects: friction, hands-on, project, science, force, motion, baseball

    • The Magic School Bus Coloring Pages Ages: 6 - 12Click on the picture to view your printable, then print and color! The Magic School Bus series is a wonderful literature series for children, use these images to highlight your teaching.Subjects: coloring book, Lost in Space, color, crayon, images, pictures

    • Where Does Water Come From: The Water Cycleby Carrie A. Thomas Ages: 7 - 13Use in conjunction with The Magic School Bus Wet All Over: A Book About The Water Cycle by: Pat Relf. Ask learners if they have ever seen rain. Another word for rain is precipitation. Where does rain come from? How does it get into the cloud? We are going to listen to a story about the Water Cycle. Let's be good listeners and see what this story tells us about water and how it moves.Subjects: resource, water conservation, arts, language arts, library, technology, philanthropy, science, service project, condensation, evaporation, water cycle, precipitation, craft

    • Magic School Bus Activity Labby Scholastic Canada Ages: 6 - 10This section is designed to help you use Scholastic's The Magic School Bus as a supplement to your curriculum. Scientists tell us that stars shine both day and night. But did you ever wonder why you can't see stars during the day? Well, Ms. Frizzle has a fun activity you can try at home that helps explain why. Subjects: habitat, maze craze, monster bugs, teachers, color, activities, fun, sounds, coloring, games, sunshine, messy, creative

    • The Magic School Bus Dinosaursby Scholastic Ages: 5 - 12In Scholastic's The Magic School Bus, Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs students travel in both time and place. Students familiarize themselves with dinosaur anatomy. Students learn dinosaur facts and create six different types of dinosaurs from their component parts: head, body, tail, and legs. They can also create an imaginary dinosaur of their own. Kids explore the dinosaur sites and solve the puzzle, students learn science concepts in highly motivating ways...Subjects: resource, dinosaurs, writing, activity, science, reading skills, technology, paleontologist, archeologist, drawing, clues, research, quiz, challenge, students, interactive

    • Science Fun Activitiesby Scholastic Ages: 6+Scholastic and The Magic School Bus have put together some exciting ideas to supplement your current curriculum. The activities provided build on children's interest in The Magic School Bus and offer lots of opportunities to engage them in hands-on learning. Remember what Ms. Frizzle says, "Get out there and explore!"Subjects: chemistry, volcanoes, desert, gravity, digestion, electricity, ecology, photosynthesis, power, energy, muscles, seeds, sounds, archeology, dinosaurs

    • Magic School Bus Episode Guideby CBS Entertainment Ages: 18+When Wanda discovers that one of Ms. Frizzle's ancestors was Redbeard the Pirate, she naturally wants to follow the treasure map he left. The map leads the class to a coral reef, where they learn first hand that life there is risky. To survive, they find, many plants and animals form surprising partnerships. Find more fun episodes of The Magic School Bus...Subjects: links, search, guide, episodes, Internet, instructor, reviews, episode overview, Magic School Bus, television, programming, PBS

    • The Magic School Bus: Color It In!by Scholastic Ages: 6 - 12Mrs. Frizzle and Liz printable and more. Click on the picture to view your printable, then print and color!Subjects: coloring book, Liz, bus, flight, dinosaurs, color, crayon, images, pictures

    • The Magic School Bus Gets Programmed Ages: 4 - 8Ms. Frizzle's class arrives early to open the school for Mr. Ruhle. But there's so much to do! A computer can do lots of jobs, but it can't think. It needs a program to tell it exactly what to do...Subjects: computers, science, Internet, instructions, bug, mistakes

    • Spiders Spin a Webby Valerie Teall Ages: 5 - 10Children learn how spiders spin a web. Children catch many things while outside. Catch a web spinning spider with a large jar and a piece of cardboard. Once caught, bring it to the room.Subjects: science, lesson plan, activity, experiment, unit study

    • The Magic School Busby Scholastic Ages: 5 - 12Hop on The Magic School Bus and take a guided tour with Liz. Along the way, you can play games, show what you know, and make a photo scrapbook.Subjects: tour, explore, science, kits, kids, marine life, earth, space, plants

    • School Bus Rocketby World Class Ages: 6 - 10The first story, School Bus Rocket, teaches a simple geography of the earth in space for the early primary school grades, K-2. The story-line is simple and is teachable in two parts. In the first part, we travel from the earth, through the solar system...Subjects: lesson plan, unit study, globe, geography, solar system, language