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Thank you for visiting Budget Homeschool. This section of our site provides free resources for homeschooling parents and students on a variety of topics and subject matter. I hope you find these links useful.

While I do my best to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, some websites do fall by the wayside. If you find a bad link, or a link that should be included here, please let me know.

Happy Homeschooling!

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    • Christian Gamesby Kid Explorer Ages: 5 - 18Check out the free lesson plans and online kits that you can print and use, including lesson content, reinforcement tools and handouts.Subjects: stories, lessons, games, coloring, videos, dot-to-dot

    • Kids puzzles and gamesby Puzzle Choice Ages: 6 - 12Choose from a selection of printable puzzles like crossword puzzles, word searches, number puzzles, wordplay, logic puzzles, brainteasers, animal rhymes, kids Sudoku and more...Subjects: letters, numbers, math, word play, Sudoku, logic, teacher, wordsearch

    • Non Toxic Edible Sensory Slimeby A little delightful Ages: 4+This slime is super fun and VERY easy to make, and only needs 2 ingredients. It's borax free and completely non toxic so you don't have to worry about kids consuming glue or borax like many other slimes contain! It's also perfect for small babies and toddlers to play with.Subjects: resource, hands on, Imagination, create, creativity, fun, borax free, edible, pysillium husk, psyllium powder, stretchy, boredom busters

    • Place The Stateby Sheppard Software Ages: 8+Learn the locations, capitals, abbreviations and over 500 important facts about our 50 states. This interactive game is fun to play for both students and their parents.Subjects: games, lessons, states, capitals, locations, facts, interactive

    • FunBrainby Pearson Education, Inc. Ages: 5 - 14FunBrain is the #1 site for online educational games for kids of all ages. Games include educational material such as math, grammar, science, spelling, and history.Subjects: games, math, logic, spelling, baseball, grammar, science

    • Gamequarium: The site that swims with learning fun!by Diana Dell Ages: 3 - 13Students need to be guided in developing the ability to make use of the Internet and multimedia technology to increase critical literacy skills and essential knowledge...Subjects: reading, math, games, printables

    • Paper Dolls Galoreby Cybersleuth Kids Ages: 6+Learn the history behind paper dolls. Fun crafts and other activities for kids and their computer. Dozens of free downloads. Print us out, color us, glue us on some cardboard, and cut us out.Subjects: free printables, holiday dolls, multicultural paper dolls, athletic dolls, United States Historical Society Doll Collection, Barbies, Victorian

    • Shakespeare for Kidsby Folger Shakespeare Library Ages: 4 - 12Choose a game or activitity. Have fun coloring pictures, solving mazes and more. It's all about Shakespeare!Subjects: Shakespeare, fun, mazes, coloring pages, word search, jigsaw puzzles

    • National Geographic Kidsby National Geographic Society Ages: 5+National Geographic Kids features different people, animals, and places each month with facts, games, activities, and related links.Subjects: magazine, games, animals, stories, photos, recycling

    • The Original Virtual Bubble Wrapby OpalCat & Clint Baker Ages: 3+Bubble Wrap has been a source of fascination for people of all ages since its invention. Here is an environmentally friendly way to do what you really wanted to do with it all along: Pop It!Subjects: fun, pop it, virtual, stress relief, bubble wrap, timed, humor

    • BrainBashers by Kevin Stone Ages: 7+Welcome to BrainBashers, an exciting collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions. With thousands of brain teasers and puzzles, over one hundred awards, BrainBashers is updated with games regularly...Subjects: brain teasers, puzzles, optical illusions, riddles, brain logic

    • The History of Monopoly Ages: 5+The history of Monopoly begins long before Charles Darrow and Parker Brothers. To find the true beginnings we must travel back to 1904 and meet a woman named Elizabeth Magie (pronounced McGee). It was in this year that Lizzie was granted a patent for a board game called The Landlord's Game.Subjects: world, monopoly, hasbro, parker brothers, properties, board game, history, finance, money, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers

    • SuperKids Educational Toolsby Knowledge Share LLC Ages: 5+SuperKids has created a collection of easy-to-use, free educational resources, for home and school.Subjects: math worksheets, famous quotes, vocabulary, word lists, synonyms, games

    • Animated Knots by Grog Ages: 6+Rope, and the sports associated with rope, can be dangerous. Wrongly handled, gripped, or tied, rope can kill, maim, or burn. You could be the victim! So, handle rope with care, inspect and test any knot you tie...Subjects: knots, free download, boating, climbing, fishing, scouting, search, rescue, household, decorative, rope care, safety

    • Bible Word Puzzles Ages: 5 - 10Free online and printable Christian games and resources for kids. Learn Bible versus with games and puzzles.Subjects: games, cards, puzzles, coloring

    • Social Studies: US Geography (States)by Toon University Ages: 6 - 10This course in our social studies category helps develop the memory of state geographical location. Professor Super will lead the trip around the United States...Subjects: geography, game, states, social studies

    • Make Your Own Brain Teaser Worksheetsby The Teachers Corner Ages: 8 - 13In a year there are 12 months. 7 months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days? A plane crashes on the border of the U.S. and Canada. Where do they bury the survivors?Subjects: brain teasers, coins, baseball, riddles, puzzles

    • Wacky Kids - Kids explore the world and get crafty Ages: 5+Art can be very old or very new. Some you can sit on and some you can hang on the wall. Whatever the artwork is -- a canoe, chair, pot, painting or sculpture -- someone created it to look wonderful! Subjects: explore, make things, books

    • Games, activities, and songs with Native Speakersby Hello World Ages: 8 - 15Learning to communicate in a new language should be fun, not boring or frustrating. Our language courses start with simple phrases. Next you will play some games to learn some vocabulary, and then those words are used in sentences.Subjects: kids, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, German, Russian, Indonesian, Mandarin Chinese

    • Orisinal: Morning Sunshineby Ferry Halim Ages: 6+This website is a collection of 60 Adobe Flash games. The majority of the games are 'cute' and have beautiful outdoor backgrounds and relaxing, ambient music, with few games involving fighting and battle. The games have been considered art games.Subjects: games, Adobe Flash, relaxing, music, art games, artistic expression

    • PrimaryGamesby Primary Games, Inc. Ages: 3+Fun site for teachers, parents, and kids featuring free educational games, coloring pages, interactive e-books, holiday activities, musical postcards, crafts, worksheets, and more!Subjects: games, flash, reading, holidays, social studies, worksheets, coloring pages

    • SchoolExpress.comby Comp Ed, Inc. Ages: 5+SchoolExpress has a variety of educational materials. We have lots of FREE items including 13,000+ worksheets. You can also make your own worksheets and awards. Teachers, homeschooling families, parents, children, and grandparents use our site.Subjects: worksheets, printables, theme units, awards, games, word finds

    • Highlights Kids - interactiveby Highlights for Children Ages: 5+Highlights is dedicated to helping children grow in basic skills and knowledge, in creativeness, in ability to think and reason, in sensitivity to others, in high ideals and worthy ways of living -- for children are the world's most important people.Subjects: magazine, games, stories, hidden pictures, activities, history

    • BrainPOPby BrainPop Ages: 5 - 19Animated science, health, technology, math, social studies, arts & music and English movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help for kids.Subjects: animated, learning, games, activities, online safety, citizenship

    • Stardollby Stardoll AB Ages: 5+Stardoll is a virtual paper doll community for everyone who enjoys fashion, design and making friends. At Stardoll you can create your own doll or choose from our growing collection of celebrity dolls and dress them up in our wide selection of fashions.Subjects: fashion, design, paper dolls, creativity, dress up

    • Chesskids Academy Lessons Ages: 8+This course is designed mainly for young kids to work through with their parents but it has also been used by beginners of all levels.Subjects: board pieces, checkmates, captures, basics

    • Science and Math Games

    • Learning Vocabulary Funby Jacob Richman Ages: 4+Improve your vocabulary while having fun. Free Flash word games including Hangman, Word search, Match Game, The Vocabulary Quiz, and much more.Subjects: vocabulary building, free, flash games, hangman, language arts

    • Ask Kids Ages: 6 - 12A search engine for kids! It's a free, safe, fun way for kids to quickly and easily research school topics like science, math, geography, language arts, and history in a search environment that's safer and more age-appropriate than adult search engines.Subjects: search, math, geography, safe, english, kids

    • UpToTen Kidsby UpToTenThis is the #1 independent kids site in the world; a fun place to learn online with over 1300 free games and activities. A safe place to play and learn where your child will feel right at home, right away.Subjects: educational games, activities, math, puzzles, coloring pages

    • Fun Brainby Pearson Education, Inc. Ages: 5 - 15Educational games, activities, and much more for students. Help for teachers. Make learning fun and educational for your student.Subjects: arcades, games, movies, web books, comics, reading

    • Fun Learning Gamesby Ages: 4+Loads of educational games for kids to play online and off, including an online music game, the ruler game for learning to measure, and more free kid's games and fun! These are educational games for children that make learning fun!Subjects: educational games, clipart, puzzles, movies, math, music

    • We Kids Radioby Family Programs, Inc. Ages: 5+Listen anytime online--there are lots of Christ-centered programs for kids. We Kids is a way to point little people and their families to God through His Son, Jesus Christ.Subjects: radio, news, color, links, sticker factory, bible reading

    • Chess4Kidsby Chess4Kids LLC Ages: 7+Chess4Kids teaches children to play and win at chess. It contains many interactive chess exercises in a child friendly online web interface. Chess for kids also helps chess club coaches track the progress of their chess students online.Subjects: chess club, lessons, drills, exercises, lesson book, online tournament

    • Lulu's gamesby ClarisOn line educational games for children and adults. Games are fall under these categories logic, number, arrow, memory, quiz, puzzles, and more.Subjects: games, logic, number, memory, mathematics, puzzle, reading

    • eChalk amusementsby Dr. Iestyn B. Jones Ages: 5+Online optical illusions, educational games, classroom resources and lesson activities for interactive whiteboards and data projectors. Put some fun into your lesson plans with our exceptional science and math software.Subjects: interactive, resources, whiteboard, puzzles, quizzes, lessons, activities

    • Welcome to the Adopt-A-Pilot web siteby Southwest Airlines Ages: 9 - 11Education takes flight with Adopt-A-Pilot, an aviation-related educational program that teaches math, science, geography, language arts, career-planning, and presentation skills with the help of Pilot mentors.Subjects: pilots, navigation, U.S. cities, mentors, virtual pilot

    • Israel4Kids - The Kids' Websiteby Embassy of Israel Ages: 8+This website is a tool to educate English speaking children about vibrant Israel. It portrays the story of Israel that rarely gets told. Follow Srulik as he invites visitors to participate in a virtual trip of Israel.Subjects: history, virtual tour, games, Israel, currency, Tel-Aviv

    • Ovie’s Undergroundby Organic Valley Family of Farms Ages: 5+Visit an organic farm and learn why organic food is so much better tasting. Learn how worms help organic farmers, and how you can get worms to eat your garbage!Subjects: organic, worms, vegetables, games, farming, farm tour

    • Reading Games for Kidsby Kaboose Ages: 3+Try these fun games for kids and moms too! For some indoor fun download or play Kaboose free online games with hundreds of themes!Subjects: reading, games, freeware, javascript, reading, safe site

    • Kid's Portal for US Governmentby Federal Citizen Information Center Ages: is the official kids' portal for the U.S. government. It links to over 2,000 web pages from government agencies, schools, and educational organizations, all geared to the learning level and interest of kids.Subjects: Presidents, games, activities, constitution, states, energy

    • – Award Winning Storiesby Ages: 4+Click on these winners of the " Quality Award" for sites that excel in education or entertainment for children. We have evaluated every one, and are impressed with their quality and appropriateness for families.Subjects: stories, family, children, pictures, award winners

    • Bible Story Coloring Pagesby Questar Publishers, Inc. Ages: 3 - 10You will find printable children's Bible story coloring Pages for Sunday school, Bible coloring sheets, and Christian coloring pages. Help your students color Bible characters, pictures and scenery.Subjects: New Testament, Old Testament, coloring pages, Sunday school, Christian

    • Bubble Townby Conceptos Digitales C.R., S.A. Ages: 4+All you need to become a bubble blowing expert is here in Bubble Town. You will find building instructions for a special bubble blowing tube, learn how to mix industrial strength bubble solutions, play bubble games, download a free poster and have fun.Subjects: bubbles, creating, blowing tubes, bubble solution, fun, creative

    • Guinness World Recordsby Guinness World Records Ages: 4+Official site of Guinness World Records, the ultimate authority on record-breaking achievement, providing information about superlative facts and feats as well as record processing application for all those who want to break a Guinness World Record.Subjects: breaking records, feats, Guinness World Records, record holders, achievements

    • ChildFun by Jenny Wanderscheid Ages: 3+Welcome to ChildFun ...where play and learning go hand in hand. There are many things to do here including games, holiday activities, coloring activities, recipes, and much more.Subjects: preschool themes, activities, family fun, arts and crafts, early childhood development

    • Sand Painting Make beautiful works of art with colored Belinda Mooney Ages: 5+Make your own colored sand and then create a masterpiece. Sand Painting is so much fun and can be done without all spending big money on kits that offer a little for a lot. All you need is something sturdy to paint on.Subjects: sand painting, paint recipes, art and crafts, coloring, summer camp crafts, nature crafts

    • Arthurby PBS Kids Interactive Ages: 4 - 8The Arthur website is the online companion to the Arthur television series. It supports the same educational goals as the program: literacy and the modeling of positive social and problem-solving skills.Subjects: brain game, coloring pages, matching, lesson plans

    • Free Educational Games & Activitiesby Sheppard Software Ages: 4+Hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles, and more, for kids and everyone to use online -- and free!Subjects: resource , geography, endangered species, animals, vocabulary, science, games, learning, quizzes, articles, health, chemistry, nutrition

    • The Adventures of Herman the Wormby Ron Wolford and Greg Stack Ages: 5 - 9Hey kids! I said head to toe, but I don't really have a head like yours. But I do have a head end, the fancy word is anterior. Please remember that it is really different from the tail end, called the posterior. Just imagine how you would feel if someone said they could not tell the difference between your head and rear end (it's so embarrassing, and I get a little sensitive about that). Subjects: anatomy, worms, segments, temperature, earthworms, nitrogen, quiz, hearts, reproduction, digestion, fun

    • Ages: 2+Hundreds of pictures available to print and color. Print the pages out or color them online, save them to your gallery, and share with friends.Subjects: online coloring, coloring, printables, pictures

    • Froggy Toss & Catchby National Wildlife Federation Ages: 4+Make this cute froggy that plays catch; follow the directions and when you are done you will be ready for a game of catch! Take turns tossing and catching small objects in the frog's mouth.Subjects: nature, wildlife, animals, games, outdoors, educational

    • Welcome to Millsberry!by Mills Online, Inc. Ages: 7+Millsberry is a town full of millions of kids just like you and me. Here you can create a buddy, design a home, play games, collect rare items and prizes, shop, surf, and learn at the same time.Subjects: Spanish, music mix, adventure, character, science, project

    • Anti-Gravity Machineby Joey Green Ages: 7+Here is a mad scientist experiment by Joey Green where you learn how to defy gravity.Subjects: science experiment, gravity, science, facts, make-your-own

    • Welcome to the Green Forestby Julie Ton Ages: 2+Hi there! Welcome to the Green Forest! We're glad you stopped by to visit and play with us! There are many fun games here for you to discover.Subjects: origami, paint, color, puzzle, jigsaw, concentration game, memory game

    • The Trebuchet Challengeby GlobalSpec Ages: 10+Remember the trebuchet, the original siege engine? It's back and ready to put your physics muscles to the test. Custom build your TREB to take on three separate challenges: distance, accuracy and power.Subjects: projection, motion control, algebra, physics, interactive

    • Animated Knots by Grogby Alan W., David E., and Martin J. Grogono  Ages: 7+Rope, and the sports associated with rope, can be dangerous. Wrongly handled, gripped, or tied, rope can kill, maim, or burn. You could be the victim! Handle rope with care, inspect and test any knot you tie, and respect any rope subject to a heavy load.Subjects: animated, knots, climbing, tying, safety, fun

    • Junior Rangers – California State Park Kidsby State of California Ages: 7 - 12Play games, hike trails, create your own animal, discover tracks, observe wildlife, all while making friends in some of the best places in California! As you go through the program, one activity at a time, you will earn some very cool rewards!Subjects: Geology, junior rangers, outdoors, wild life, safety

    • Blue's Clues Game & Video Downloads Ages: 4 - 9Get Free Blue's Clues educational games, just for the little ones. Download them to your computer for use later or play them directly on this page.Subjects: games, preschool, Blue's Clues, fun, interactive

    • YoYo Gamesby Game Maker Ages: 12+Hundreds of free and inexpensive games of varying quality.Subjects: entertainment, games, fun, computer games, free

    • Drew's Animalsby AyStur Web Services, Inc. Ages: 3+This is a Christian site that is safe for kids. It is a great parent and teacher resources. Activities include online games, mini movies, printable coloring pages, animal photos, activity sheets, Bible verses, and scripture pages.Subjects: Christian, online games, coloring pages, java, animals, worksheets

    • CBC Kids by CBC Radio-Canada Ages: 5 - 16Games, videos, and TV shows to keep kids of all ages entertained. Special preschool section, just for the wee ones. Subjects: online games, preschool, interactive, kids, reviews

    • Jump Rope Rhymesby Geof Nieboer Ages: 3+Large collection of folk rhymes that American children chant while skipping rope and playing patty-cake.Subjects: jump rope, clapping rhymes, games, folk rhymes

    • Escapa!by IrelandOn-Line Ages: 5+Click and hold the red square. Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks. If you make it to 18 seconds, you are doing brilliantly!Subjects: game, coordination, timed, fun, all ages

    • Learn chess at Chess Kids Academyby Richard James Ages: 7+Interactive chess lessons, quizzes, games and puzzles for kids. Play chess against the computer. Free online chess books for kids - download and print.Subjects: learn chess, how to play, lessons, game, tutorial, strategy

    • Sugar Crashby Pizmo Games Ages: 5+Move Mr. Sugar with your mouse to keep the kid in the air. If his sugar level gets too high, bounce him to the nap mat. Clear all balloons to complete levels. For levels with Happy Hoops, send kid through the hoop 8 times also to clear level.Subjects: thinking, games, hand-eye coordination, happy, sugar rush

    • Wacky Web Talesby Houghton Mifflin Company Ages: 3+An online equivalent to Mad-Libs. Build your own tale or read a tale that somebody else created. More than four dozen tales to choose among.Subjects: tales, interactive, mad-libs, creative, stories

    • Zoboomafooby PBS Kids Ages: 3+Zoboomafoo with the Kratt Brothers, is the first wildlife program specifically designed for preschoolers. The series stars a lively, leaping lemur named ZOBOOMAFOO (Zoboo for short) and real-life 'creature adventurer' Martin Kratt and Chris Kratt.Subjects: Lemur, Zobooland, animals, wild life, PBS

    • Discover the Realm of the KIDOONS!by KidsFunCanada Ages: 5+Games, e-learning, and activities related to fairy tale stories by Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm.Subjects: games, activities, classic stories, reading, Hans Christian Andersen

    • Knotsby British Crown Ages: 7+This page is dedicated to the art of tying knots. Most of them are quite commonly used aboard or related to the sea - fishing and that sort of thing. All the knots are animated and hence move by themselves, showing you how they are constructed.Subjects: tying knots, animated, rope, Angler’s Loop, Clove Hitch

    • Queen Alice Internet Chess Clubby Queen Alice Internet Chess Club Ages: 6+Friendly community of correspondence chess players of all levels and ages. Playing chess at is great way to improve your game and have fun. Only a web browser is required to play. Membership is free.Subjects: chess, multiplayer, correspondence, play games, interactive, javascript

    • UpToTen Ages: 1 - 10UpToTen offers over 1000 age-appropriate learning games for kids aged up to ten to promote early childhood education!Subjects: early childhood education, learning games, preschoolers, kindergarten

    • Assemble the Squareby Holsum Kid's Corner Ages: 5+In 1928 W.E. Long created and pioneered the concept of packaging sliced bread.Subjects: interactive puzzle, spatial, exercise, shapes

    • Friends for Earthby PlanetPals Ages: 5+Planetpals characters teach us about our world and everything on it in a fun way. At home, at school, Earth day, Everyday. You can be a Planetpal, too!Subjects: green, recycle, Earth day, environmental , ecology, global warming

    • Just Letter Gamesby Lunchtimers Ages: 7+Lunchtimers has free online games; play free online multiplayer games. Games are just letters, scratchpad, whiteboard, online jigsaw, and more.Subjects: flash game, just letters, fridge magnets, scratchpad, whiteboard, jigsaw

    • PEEP and the Big Wide Worldby WGBH Educational Foundation Ages: 3 - 7Young viewers follow Peep, Chirp, and Quack as they investigate and explore the world around them. Children can play science game and activities with Peep and his friends.Subjects: science, activities, games, discovery, television show, sing along, Shadows, Water, Plants, Color, Sound

    • Shared Activitiesby Quia Corporation Ages: 7+Choose a subject area that interests you, and then browse through thousands of learning activities. Quia Web allows users to create online educational activities and share them with other users. All of these games and quizzes were created by educators.Subjects: activities, subjects, literature, social studies, sports, world history

    • Games with Dreamweaver Kidsby DreamWorks, LLC Ages: 4+DreamWorks Kids is an exciting place where you can find educational games, coloring books and crafts, games, word games, puppets and more.Subjects: e-cards, challenges, crafts, games, DreamWorks, movies

    • Let’s Start Coloringby Ages: 3+100% Free interactive online coloring pages. Color-in pages online, or print off at home and send them to friends or save them in your picture gallery.Subjects: Online, coloring, interactive, printables, free, holiday

    • The Playground - ABC Childrens TVby ABC Ages: 3 - 6The Playground is a rich and happy environment for children to explore as well as being a detailed information point with easy access to everything you need to know about your favourite ABC Kids characters, TV programs and online games.Subjects: characters, programs, online games

    • Welcome to the Puzzle Center!by APTE, Inc. Ages: 4+You can make your very own puzzles here. Crosswords, Word Scrambles, Anagrams, Secret Codes -- there's a brain teaser here for every stripe of puzzler. You can also send your puzzles to friends and family. And while you're here, why not send someone...Subjects: create your own, puzzles, brain teasers, math, social studies

    • Chess Kids Academy Syllabusby Richard James Ages: 6+Learn how to play chess with free online chess lessons for kids. Kids can play against each other or play against the computer. Take quizzes to see how much you know about chess. This is a great chess resource for teachers and parents.Subjects: lessons, chess course, rules, lessons, tutorial, strategy

    • Poisson Rougeby Encyclopedia Interactia Ages: 1+Free online games and activities for preschool children.Subjects: games, preschool, English, French, free, online

    • Rokenbokby Rokenbok Toy Company Ages: 5+A construction set and a remote control toy wrapped into one. Discover how playing with Rokenbok toys can help children learn and improve their skills and what fun Rokenbox are for all ages to play. Subjects:  construction, remote control, imagination, building pieces, radio controlled vehicles

    • Yahoo! Kidsby Yahoo! Inc. Ages: 5+Yahoo Kids! is the ultimate web guide for kids! Features fun and educational resources for kids with games, animals, music, jokes, movies, news, astrology, TV, science, e-cards, reference, and more.Subjects: photos, music videos, movies, jokes, sports, Studyzone

    • Kid's Airby Air Now Ages: 6 - 10What should you do when the Air Quality Index is orange? Let the chameleons K.C., Koko, and Kool, show you how EPA measures pollution in the air.Subjects: pollution, air, play, clean air,

    • MSN Gamesby Microsoft Ages: 5+Play the best free games, deluxe downloads, puzzle games, word and trivia games, multiplayer card and board games, and much more from Microsoft.Subjects: games, free, Microsoft, puzzle, card, word, trivia

    • Chess Rulesby W.J. Rayment Ages: 7+Chess is a fun and ancient game. If it weren't fun it wouldn't have been around so long. Learn how to play chess, or if you are already an avid player order books on chess, read a children's book about chess, or even download a chess game.Subjects: king, queen, movement, strategy, logic, thought

    • Interactive Chess Problem & Chess Puzzle Collectionby Postcardchess Ages: 8+Try to solve our chess problems! In these active chess problem scenarios the chess machine is put into a losing position and your goal is to see if you can mate the machine in the number of moves stated in the chess problem description.Subjects: chess, problem, puzzle, scenarios, free, games

    • Interactive Chessboard with Diagram Generatorby Apronus Ages: 8+Make chess diagrams with Chess Diagram Editor and play games online.Subjects: chess, diagrams, online, create-your-own, discussion, position analysis