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College Bound Student Resources

College Bound Student Resources

Will your child be prepared for college? Which colleges will accept homeschooled students? What are the requirements for enrollment? Where do I begin? You will find answers to all these questions and more. Every year homeschoolers are admitted to hundreds of colleges in at least five countries. Navigating the college maze doesn't have to be a mystery. Budget Home$chool provides link to colleges that accept homeschoolers, college scholarship resources and provides the information you need to ensure your child is well on the road to reaching his or her goals.

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    • Five Reasons To Skip Collegeby Forbes Staff Ages: 14+Although there is clearly a correlation between earnings and a four-year degree, a correlation isn't the same thing as a cause. Economists like Robert Reischauer ruffled feathers several years ago by pointing out that talented, driven kids are...Subjects: degree, graduate, Bill Gates, Yale, Harvard, university, trade

    • What percentage of homeschooled kids go to college?by Wiki Answers Ages: 14+There are a few problems to answering your question - one is the fact that no one actually knows how many homeschoolers are out there. There are estimates ranging between 1 and 2 million, but these are estimates only.Subjects: college, homeschool, students, statistics, Ivy League

    • Dual Credit Courses during High Schoolby Terri Johnson Ages: 14+When you choose to homeschool through high school, you are presented with a unique set of challenges. Perhaps for the first time in your homeschooling career, you now need to assign grades to the course work...Subjects: dual credit, college, high school, testing, student

    • College Bound At Home Part II: Preparing Your High Schooler Emotionally for College at Homeby Alexandra Swann Ages: 15+Alexandra Swann is the firstborn of Joyce and John Swann's 10 home schooled children. She began teaching history at El Paso Community College at the age of eighteen, in the history and developmental education departments of the college.Subjects: emanicipation, college, homeschool, rite of passage

    • Preparing Your Child For Collegeby U.S. Department of Education Ages: 16+A Resource Book for Parents - A college education will increase your child's ability to understand developments in science and in society, to think abstractly and critically, to express thoughts clearly in speech and in writing...Subjects: college preparation, education, cost, resource, tax credit, records

    • In a Class by Themselvesby Christine Foster Ages: 16+Homeschooling isn't new. History is full of self-starters who bypassed the classroom, sometimes with brilliant results: Edison left school at age 7...Subjects: creditials, diploma, Stanford, education, home, guidance, support network

    • Can you Homeschool for College?by Daniel Pipes Ages: 18+Based on the nightly reaction I see and hear to James Carville and Paul Begala's slanted rants on Crossfire, evidently many of the students at George Washington University have already been corrupted...Subjects: Reader comments, academia, Crossfire, professors

    • College Preparation: Good study habits prepare a student for collegeby Dr. Arthur Robinson Ages: 14+A good homeschool provides college preparation far superior to that offered in private or public schools, especially if the student is self-taught. Academically, the homeschooled student escapes being reduced to the lowest common denominator...Subjects: college, preparation, student, grade, completion

    • Does College Fit With Homeschooling?by Peter Kowalke Ages: 14+Homeschoolers excel in college. But is college a temporary solution for homeschoolers until they, find a better alternative? As an unschooler, Rebecca would not relinquish control of her education. Dull, uninteresting courses were not acceptable...Subjects: unschool, college, hobby, career, dipolma, homeschool

    • Universities And Athlete's Foot - 'Bout Equalby Fred V. Reed Ages: 18+Today we'll destroy the universities and drive professors into the streets to starve, perhaps pulling themselves by their fingernails and feeding on remnants of discarded hamburgers. This will reform western civilization.Subjects: article, university, institutions, cost, remedial arithmetic, schools, degree, price tag

    • Moving Home After Graduation Five Tips for Grads and Parentsby Kimberly Brissenden Ages: 16 - 25Once the bags are packed, the diplomas are handed out, and photo ops are long over, most grads expect to move out on their own. But for many college seniors, that's simply not an option.Subjects: article, Boomerang Nation, graduation, choices, tips