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Check out our most recent Budget Homeschool Articles covering money saving tips, inexpensive recipes to make for your family and money saving homeschoolings ideas. You can afford to homeschool!

Holiday Leftover Ideas

That leftover ham or turkey is tasting pretty good the day after Christmas but can get tiresome very quickly. Here are some time and money saving ideas to make the most of all those leftovers.

Momma's Guide to Pizza Perfection

Pizza is, in essence, flat bread covered with a sauce and topped with meats, vegetables, and cheese. As you will see from the many recipes provided, pizza variations are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Tips For Homeschooling Inexpensively

The best way to homeschool is to do what comes naturally for your family. So, whether you decide to follow the standards by using a curriculum, homeschool eclectically, use a child-centered approach, or unschool, to suit your family's needs, there are inexpensive ways to accomplish this.

Creating and Keeping a Budget

Families living on a shoestring can do themselves and their children a huge favor, simply by talking about money issues. As parents we are often our own worst enemy. Getting by on a budget is really tough if you don't actually have a budget and it's just as bad if you have one and you don't follow it.

Cleaning Made Easy

Most natural cleaning products not only work great but are cheaper to buy because you can make them yourself, many times from ingredients you already have on hand.

Hurricane Facts

I've gathered some wonderful weather sites to assist your eager children in learning more about hurricane's and the weather around us.

Recycle - FreeCycle

If you've ever been dumpster diving and enjoy finding buried treasure, you are going to love FreeCycle...

Second Rate Education or Second Chance?

As school begins anew once again this fall it gives me the chance to reflect on the scope of education and its purpose. As parents we must continually ask ourselves what is the purpose of education and evaluate our own motivations.

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