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Art Student Resources

Art Student Resources

Do your children just love to do art projects? Have you run out of ideas? Sick of cleaning up messes? These art links are just the ticket! Here you will find plenty of helpful art tips, which will keep you and the children busy for many days to come. From drawing lessons, to painting and the many origami designs and patterns, this is one page your family will return to again and again.

If you are anything like me, when it comes to art, I draw a complete blank. If it were not for the Internet, I would be shelling out hundreds of dollars each year, just for craft ideas and projects to do with my son. Be sure to visit the Museum section, many museums offer free days, free craft projects and special on- and off-line activities created especially for children.

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    • Origami KinderCraftsby Enchanted Learning Ages: 4 - 11These origami crafts projects are for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children. Origami is an ancient Japanese paper-folding technique. Make wonderful, simple crafts by folding paper.Subjects: paper folding, crafts, instructions, doll, geometry

    • Absolute Beginner’s Origamiby Nick Robinson Ages: 8+By following the foolproof methods set out in this instructional, even those who have never tried this intriguing craft before will soon find themselves able to turn out sophisticated origami pieces.Subjects: beginners, paperfolding, instructions, illustrations, how-to

    • Money Origamiby Clay Randall Jr. Ages: 5+These are illustrated instructions for making several origami designs out of dollar bills. My best original designs include spiders, eyeglasses, sailboats, and framed portraits. I generally make these items to leave as tips.Subjects: money, designs, instructions, how-to, gifts

    • Origami Diagrams on the Webby John Paulsen Ages: 8+If you follow along with these handy guides, you can make your own beautiful origami models in just a few minutes. These models range from simple to complex so there is something for everyone to do.Subjects: diagrams, instructions, jokes, techniques, paperfolding

    • Star Wars Origamiby Happy Magpie Ages: 8+Why combine Star Wars and paperfolding? Why not? I like 'em both, and let's face it, so do you. Here are a bunch of original creations and diagrams of mine including Star Wars ships, X-wings, TIE fighters, and R2-D2. Subjects: Star Wars, paperfolding, instructions, diagrams, Naboo, planes

    • Oriland - What Origami Can Be!by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov Ages: 4+Oriland is a fantastic paper world filled with designs made in the technique of Origami. You will be impressed by what can be made from paper without glue and scissors! This is an educational spot to know more about origami and its benefits.Subjects: paper, folding, craft, family, designs

    • Origami Diagrams and Instructionsby Ages: 8+Of course there are many greater origami sites out there with loads of additional origami diagrams and paper folding instructions. If you want to find more then take a look at this Open Directory search for origami diagrams.Subjects: diagrams, directory, instructions, paperfolding, pictures

    • Toilegami: Toilet Paper Origamiby Origami Resource Center Ages: 8+Folding toilet paper into a triangle is so prevalent that an elderly Japanese gentleman invented an automated toilet paper folding machine called "Meruboa". With the push of a lever, Meruboa will fold the first sheet of toilet paper into a perfect triangle. Learn more...Subjects: paperfolding, toilet paper, instructions, diagrams, triangulated, pleated, Meruboa, the art of folding, weddings, elegant

    • Fabric Origami Workshopby Glenda Scott Ages: 5+FabricOrigami uses fabric instead of paper for folding, because fabric offers a durable piece that can be embellished with beads, embroidery, or paints. Decorate your Christmas and gift packages or you can have a unique ornament to exchange with others.Subjects: origami, fabric, diagrams, instructions, how-to, gifts

    • Origami USA by OrigamiUSA Ages: 8+This is the website of the American national society devoted to origami, the art of paperfolding. Our mission is to share the joy of paperfolding, preserve its history, bring people together and encourage community among paper folders.Subjects: diagrams, instructions, paper, how-to, history

    • Tammy Yee's Origami Pageby Tammy Yee Ages: 4+Easy origami and crafts for children. Learn the art of paper folding with these instructions and diagrams, from Hawaii. Children can even print their origami projects!Subjects: paper folding, crafts, Hawaii, instruction, diagram, projects

    • Origamiby Wolfram Research, Inc. Ages: 8+Origami is an extremely rich art form, and constructions for thousands of objects, from dragons to buildings to vegetables have been devised. Many mathematical shapes can also be constructed, especially using modular origami.Subjects: colored paper, structure, art, mathematical, shapes, paperfolding

    • Origami Tag Pageby Technorati Ages: 10+Welcome to the origami tag page at Technorati. This page features content from the farthest reaches of the Blogosphere that authors have "tagged" with origami.Subjects: instructions, blogs, models, videos, paperfolding

    • Robert J. Lang Origamiby Robert J. Lang Ages: 4+Origami is the modern reincarnation of the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding. The site contains links to books and origami instruction and articles about the connections between origami, mathematics, and engineering.Subjects: paper folding, mathematics, engineering, geometry, wildlife art

    • Origami Instructionsby Indian Child Ages: 8+The art of paperfolding was first developed in China. There are two types of origami, ancient and contemporary origami. Ancient origami uses only paper and your hands. In contemporary origami you can add scissors, glue, etc.Subjects: contemporary, ancient, paperfolding, instructions, China, monks

    • Sarah's Origamiby Sarah Wooden Ages: 8+Creative origami can be used to represent just about anything and use any paper that you have on hand. Creative origami became widely accepted in the latter half of the 20th century and has quickly spread from Japan to the rest of the world.Subjects: paperfolding, models, Japanese art, diagrams, shamrock

    • The Geometry Junkyardby David Eppstein Ages: 8+The Japanese art of paper folding is geometrical in nature. Some origami masters have looked at constructing geometric figures such as regular polyhedra from paper. Some people have begun using computers to help fold more traditional origami designs.Subjects: geometry, paperfolding, figures, traditional, instructions

    • British Origami Societyby British Origami Society Ages: 8+The British Origami Society is a group devoted to the art of paper-folding. We have over 700 members worldwide and publish a bi-monthly magazine that offers new origami designs, upcoming events worldwide, articles from historians and much more.Subjects: British, folding, diagrams, instructions, paper, video, history

    • Joseph Wu's Origami by Joseph Wu Origami Inc. Ages: 8+Origami is the art of paper folding. The word is Japanese, literally meaning to fold (oru) paper (kami). I encourage you to explore these pages and to make use of the resources you find here. Happy folding!Subjects: resources, paperfolding, instructions, Japanese, articles

    • Origamiby Alex Barber Ages: 8+Stop in and tour the section on origami, the art of paper-folding. View our gallery along with diagrams for you to make your own creations from our collection.Subjects: paperfolding, Japanese art, crafts, diagrams, instructions