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One of my most treasured memories is a skiing trip I took one winter, with my Girl Scout Troup to Grayling, Michigan. The girls all became great friends, perhaps some lasted a life-time. These are the things we remember from our childhood.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is fond memories, new friends and all the fun of summer camp. Welcome to the Budget Home$chool Camping section! Whether you need to find a summer camp for the kids, a daycamp just during working hours, unique camping recipes or camping ideas, you are certain to find something of interest here.

If camping isn't really your thing, don't worry, we've even included links to suggestions on how to camp, without the whole bug crawling camping experience (you know what I mean; lack of showers, lumpy sleeping bags, etc.).

You will find both popular and obscure camping information. Many of the camping programs found below and on our Summer Camp page page offer scholarship programs for those who are unable to attend due to distress with their personal finance.

Click for tips on paying for summer camp.

    • Tricks, tips and ideas for the tent camper!by Ken Ralston Ages: 14+Whether you are a 'greenhorn' novice camper or salty old curmudgeon, there is something here that will enhance your camping skills and abilities. This site is entirely devoted to the concerns of the tent camper.Subjects: illustrated guide, camping tips, camping recipes, pit barbecuing, camp kitchen, outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, mushrooming, rock hunting, gold panning

    • Free Campgroundsby RV Bookstore Ages: 17+You go on these really cool RV trips with the family, but you want to try and save a few bucks. Find Campsites for $10 or Less. Check out these campsites that are free or nearly free for RV travelers.Subjects: camping, RV camping, free, map, state-by-state, cheap, directory, free newsletter, GPS coordinates, truck stops, WalmartLocation: Nationwide

    • Camping Checklist - Love the Outdoors Ages: 18+Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience. Checklists are a great tool to help with your organization. Your camping list will vary...Subjects: resource, camping, help, checklist, tent, cooler, stove, clothing, cooking utensils, bedding, personal needs, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, planning, preparation

    • 26 Cheap Camping Tipsby J.D. Ages: 18+Backpacking and camping are awesome frugal activities. It costs nothing to take a hike. It costs a bit more to camp overnight, but even that can be done inexpensively.Subjects: cheap camping, tips, backpacking, activities, low-cost equipment, ideas, scouting, inexpensive

    • Backyard Campout!by Diane Flynn Keith Ages: 3 - 12A favorite snack of campers and hikers everywhere is GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) also known as Trail Mix. Assemble the ingredients and let the kids help make their own snack pack. Give them a baggie, and let them fill it with peanuts...Subjects: resource, preschool, backyard, nature adventure, fun, campfire safety, night hike, nature, bugs, camp songs, roasting marshmallows, making Gorp

    • Camping and Hiking Checklist Ages: 16+A handy printable checklist to help you organize your camping trip. Tip: Leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend in the event of an emergency. To make less of a mess in your cooler, freeze water in empty water bottles...Subjects: resource, kitchen, condiments, food, utensils, basics, personal care items, seasonal clothing, sleepwear, matches, kindling, camping, hiking, footwearLocation: Nationwide

    • Camping Tips for Parentsby Sarah Mahoney Ages: 18+7 ways to make your family camping trip fun and entertaining. Sometimes people think they have to go to the most beautiful park or else they won't have a good experience. But that's not true.Subjects: article, fun food, children, tips, helpful hints, National Park, rangers, wildlife, permits, trip planning, camping

    • Stanislaus National Forest Campgroundsby U.S. National Forest Service Ages: 1+Interested in car camping, RV camping or tent camping in the Stanislaus National Forest? Find information such as: The campground has five unnamed loops meandering across a bluff. Mature Red firs and cedars offer shade and the little understory provides better than fair privacy. The campground is compact with narrow interior roads and close growing trees, making maneuvering larger RVs a challenge.Subjects: Stanislaus National Forest, campgrounds, California, camping, campground list, directions, seasons, rates, maximum stay, bear country, food, storage techniques, RV's, facilities, hiking, water sports, fishingLocation: California

    • Camping Checklist Ages: 16+Are you considering a family camping trip? Does it feel a bit overwhelming? It does not have to be! You can have a great weekend camping trip without having to pack the entire house!Subjects: camping, checklist, family camping, easy meals, equipment, rules, scout camping, campfires

    • Don't be the Main "Mosquito" Attractionby Deborah Taylor-Hough Ages: 12+One of the best ways to keep mosquitoes from getting the bite on you is to avoid being the main attraction at your local mosquito theme park in the first place. Understanding a bit about mosquito behavior can help...Subjects: mosquitoes, exercise, peak times, yellow bulbs, clothing, perspiration, heat, carbon dioxide, lactic acid

    • Family Camping Tipsby GShort Ages: 15+One of the biggest advantages of camping is the ability to get close to natural attractions, something that is often difficult when staying in hotels. Planning your camping trip is part of the fun, and a crucial step to having a successful vacation.Subjects: tent camping, trailer, RV, food, camping tips, buying a tent, camp fire cookery, bonfire, trip planning

    • Great Camping Spots Ages: 18+It doesn't matter if you are someone that is an RV owner or a seasoned Ruffneck that likes sleeping on the ground in a tent. This site is a great helpful tool to help you plan your next trip.Subjects: links, camping, RV parks, beach camping, tips, search, events, recipes

    • How To Camping Tipsby Danny Swanger Ages: 16+Camping is an outdoor recreational activity with about as many meanings as there are campers. This means we use our time to relax doing what we like and resting our mind and body. Subjects: resource, backpacking, beginner, tent, pop-up, trailer, RV camping, campfire recipes, hiking, equipment, novice, safety, experience, blunders, outdoor adventure

    • Cleo's Bath Ages: 12+Steep-sided pools cored into the granite. Fun, but not too user friendly. This describes the swimming holes in Cleo's Bath. Find out what else they are saying!Subjects: hiking, Yosemite, Central Sierra, high country, Lake Gertrude, scenic destination, explore, nature, natural

    • Camping Tipsby Creative Home & Garden Ideas Ages: 12+Make an oven by lining a moving box with aluminum foil and pushing coat hangers through both sides about half way up the box to form your grill. Put coals in a pan and put the pan on three stones on the bottom of the box.Subjects: camping, equipment, tips, pliers, foil, hangers, canning rings, rope, plastic bags, butter tubs

    • Camping Tips - How To Make Every Camping Trip Great!by Dorrie Ages: 14+The source for camping tips that will help the whole family have the perfect trip. Tips include how to build a camp fire to buying and using a camp stove.Subjects: camping, tips, survival, RV's, Campers, tents, quiz, crowds, foods, campgrounds, nature, budget, family fun, sleeping bags, camp stove, recipes, bears, check list

    • Hiker Central: Californiaby Ages: 18+California Outdoors Tours. Local camping, hiking, backpacking, lakes, beaches, whitewater, skiing and snowboarding information. Order a free brochure...Subjects: resource, camping, trails, beaches, lakes, backpacking, boating, forests, cooking, skiing, caving, national forest, national parksLocation: California

    • Animated Knots by Grog Ages: 6+Rope, and the sports associated with rope, can be dangerous. Wrongly handled, gripped, or tied, rope can kill, maim, or burn. You could be the victim! So, handle rope with care, inspect and test any knot you tie...Subjects: knots, free download, boating, climbing, fishing, scouting, search, rescue, household, decorative, rope care, safety

    • Family Cavern Tour Discount Coupon Ages: 18+Here is a cool coupon for your next trip to Cave and Mine Adventures that will save your entire family a little money.Subjects: coupon, camping, Black Chasm Cavern, California Cavern, Moaning Cavern, Sutter Gold Mine, print, download

    • Tent Camping Checklistby Market Gap Ages: 12+A major step toward becoming a skilled camper is to have a chuck box, a catch-all will hold items like cast iron and odd size stuff. Use this check list so you don't miss a thing. This site is entirely devoted to the concerns of the tent camper. Subjects: tent camping, first aid, cooking utensils, camping gear, personal items, canisters, paper goods, candles, flashlights, wash tubs, pans, food, spices, insect repellent

    • Go-Camping - A Camping Guide Ages: 16+If you enjoy the outdoors there is nothing better than escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and waking up to peace and tranquillity.Subjects: camping, guide, outdoors, tents, campfires, cooking, nature, planning, wildlife, activities, mountains

    • Living and Vacationing in Mountain Lion Country - Safety Tipsby Walt Puciata Ages: 16+More than half of California is mountain lion habitat. Mountain lions generally exist wherever deer are found. They are solitary and elusive, and their nature is to avoid humans. Help prevent deadly conflicts with these beautiful wild animals.Subjects: mountain lion, prey, deer, avoiding plants, tips, children, pets, motion lights, shelters, wild habitat, wildlife, nature, predator, food chainLocation: California

    • The Trackside Camperby Iron Horse America Ages: 18+Camping alongside the tracks may not be for everyone, and the newcomer to this manner of expanding one's railfanning experience may find sleep difficult and might be at "Camp Holiday Inn" the following night! But those who like it have a great time...Subjects: resource, camping, trackside, rail camping, tarpaulin system, trains, railfanning, sights, sounds, ideas, locations, recipesLocation: Various

    • Camping Tips - California State Parksby California State Parks Ages: 12+Camping doesn't have to mean military rations and dehydrated meals. Learn how you can make simple, delicious, and healthy meals right in camp...Subjects: camping, tips, meals, food storage, California, State Parks, cooking sources, dishes, campsites

    • Some cool Camping Spots in Michiganby Frank Grimes Ages: 18+I'm from the great state of Michigan and am here to talk about its natural wonders. Michigan has many great water bodies and you should defiently take advantage of that natural feature. These are the places I'd recommend you to go visit...Subjects: resource, Michigan, camping spots, National Park, rocks, wilderness, hiking, wolves, moose, backcountry trail, backpack skills, Porcupine Mountains, Sleeping Bear Dunes, forests, beaches, dunes, trails, Pictured Rocks, Munising, Grand Marais, Isle Royale Location: Various

    • Camp Spot- my favorite camping storeby Maria Ages: 14+Do you use a camping check list when you're packing up? Your camping trip could be absolutely ruined if you forget something essential. It's important to make sure that you have everything you'll need before you leave on your trip.Subjects: camping, checklist, store, camping gear, songs, jokes, first-aid, kitchen camping, food, recreation, personal items, RV camping, supplies

    • Free and Fee Camping and Lodging near our California Riversby Whitewater Voyages Ages: 18+Whitewater Voyages is offering a list of both free and fee camping that is near all California rivers to help you choose the right place for your next outing.Subjects: Whitewater Voyages, free, camping, lodging, California, rivers, rustic, Tuolumne, Merced, Bed & Breakfast

    • Grand Canyon camping information and mapby Grand Canyon Web Master Ages: 16+How would you like to camp on the top or the floor of the Canyon? Here is information and tips to make your tour of the Grand Canyon an experience you will never forget.Subjects: Grand Canyon, camping, hiking, tours, mule rides, train rides, river rafting, horseback riding, full hookups, National Park, equipment, maps, attractions, fees, reservations

    • Hiking Equipment and Camping Gear Reviewby Site Build It Ages: 16+Will lousy hiking equipment or cheap quality camping gear ruin your trip? Well I'll be the first to say poor camping and hiking gear have disappointed me on more than one vacation...Subjects: hiking equipment, camping gear, tents, stoves, food, cooking, clothes, vacation, tips

    • Survival Kit Check Listby John Rust Consulting Ages: 12+Why risk tragedy? A survival kit is like insurance; you have it, but you never want to use it. Here are tips for making your personal survival kit.Subjects: camping, checklist, first aid, blankets, whistle, compass, pocket knife, food, poncho, fire starter, flashlite, batteries, matches

    • Basic Camping Equipmentby Brian E. Rooney Ages: 16+This article concerns itself with the basic camping needs for car camping and not backpacking where the equipment needs are different...Subjects: camping needs, camping gear, water, food, camp stove, camping knife, ice chest, first aid, flashlight, relaxing, nature

    • Bear Valley Trails Ages: 12+A map to one of largest trail sites the United States has to offer. You'll find trails to fit all hiking skill levels so the whole family can enjoy the trip to Bear Valley.Subjects: Bear Valley, map, trails, creeks, forest, cross country, meadows, conditions, scenic, skiing

    • Chapter 1 -- To the Eastern Sierraby Richard Cochran Ages: 16+One man's journal of his camping and hiking trip in the Eastern Sierra Mountains. I camped on the Sonora Pass near Dardanelle, CA at Brighton Flat campground. First, I had set my sights on Mill creek campground, but I found it to have a campground host trailer with about 20 small kids running around. So I backtracked to Cascade Creek campground.Subjects: article, camping adventure, Eastern Sierra, Sonora Pass, campground, Mammoth Lake, hot water, telescopes, Nevada, White Mountain Peak, campfire, Dardanelle, Brighton Flat, Mono Lake Location: Dardanelle, CA

    • Lodging, Cabins & Campsitesby Kampgrounds of America (KOA) Ages: 18+Whether you like to sleep under the stars or cuddle up in a cozy, luxury Lodge with a kitchen and bathroom KOA offers something for everyone. Roll up in a coach, car or motorcycle and we'll make you feel right at home.Subjects: KOA, camping, campgrounds, free night, state-by-state listing, cabins, cottages, RV camping, accommodations, tent camping, luxury, primitive, unique Location: North America

    • Fond Memories of Yosemiteby Maureen K. Hall Ages: 15+I have no first memories of Yosemite. Yosemite was just always 'there' for me. I just knew that whenever we drove through the Arch Rock Entrance I felt that I was 'home'.Subjects: Yosemite, Merced River, Camp Curry, memories, mountains, camping, favorite spot, dishes, cookware, food supplies, festivities, exploring mountainsLocation: Yosemite National Park, California

    • City Concierge Mammoth Lakesby Jefferson L. Ages: 18+Forest Service lands are open to camping unless otherwise posted which makes Mammoth, Bishop, June Lake, Yosemite, Lone Pine, Rock Creek and the Bristlecone Forest prime places to set up a tent and sleep under the stars.Subjects: Mammoth Lakes, camping, campgrounds, campsites, adventure, rough it, cabins, forest, stars, Bishop, June Lake, Yosemite

    • Health Beat - Mosquitoesby Illinois Department of Public Health Ages: 12+Check out these fun facts about our pesky back yard friends and learn how to reduce the mosquito population to help us prevent the diseases that they carry.Subjects: mosquitoes, Illinois, backyards, parks, campgrounds, diseases, old tires, clogged gutters, tin cans, water, Culex, summer, types

    • MacScouter -- Scouting Resources Onlineby US Scouting Service Project Ages: 13+Providing resources not found elsewhere, to support all kinds of youth groups throughout the world. Links to very best scouting resources, so you can deliver a great program to your youth.Subjects: scouting, volunteer, youth groups, pow wow, cooking, games, skits, songs, stories, themes, camping, Grand Canyon, winter camping, hiking survival

    • Woods and Camping Safety for the Whole Familyby The Nemours Foundation Ages: 12+A family camping trip can be an enjoyable experience with a little preparation. Knowing everyone's limits, taking the time to plan ahead, and packing the right items will help your adventure come off without a hitch. Here are the down-and-dirty basics...Subjects: family, outdoors, bug bites, allergic reactions, woods camping, adventure, safety, common dangers, clothing, equipment, high mountains, temperatures, landmarks, campsites, hikes

    • Camping Guide - Safety Ages: 18+Always be prepared for things to happen in the outdoors. Here is a checklist to help you create your first aid kit when participating in outdoor activities.Subjects: camping, safety, campgrounds, outdoor activities, first-aid, medications, bandages, sunscreen, blankets, wild animals, snakes, spiders, hiking, water purification, children, whistle

    • Pacific Coast Hiway Links to Recreation Outdoors Ages: 18+RV Resources and other useful sites to make your outdoor adventure a fun one.Subjects: camping, California, Oregon, Washington, campgrounds, suppliers, games, camp amenities, park fees, RV hookups, Christian camping

    • Snow Camping Checklist Expert Adviceby REI Ages: 13+Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, we gladly share our enthusiasm for our products, and the trails, slopes and waterways where we play.Subjects: snow camping, clothing, outerwear, camping gear, personal items, navigation, sun protection, checklist, first-aid, fire, mountaineering, fitness, canoeing, kayaking, alpine skiing

    • California's Mount Whitneyby James Walkerson Ages: 15+California is a very large state, and has a wide array of national parks and mountain ranges. Perhaps the state's most revered and well-known mountain is Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States. With an elevation of over 14,500 feet, Mount Whitney is a beautiful sight to behold. It is located in the famous Death Valley National Park, with the west slope of the mountain located in Sequoia National Park.Subjects: resource, national parks, mountain range, Mount Whitney, highest peak, Death Valley National Park, Sequoia National Park, The Mountaineer's Route, permit, climbing

    • Hiking Mt. Whitney: Hounds in the high countryby  Marty Meyer Ages: 12+"I didn't know dogs were allowed on this trail," the woman said, watching as my two dogs leaped from the car. I had just pulled into the parking area at Whitney Portal, 13 miles west of Lone Pine, Calif., and we were getting ready to hike the Mt. Whitney Trail. Known to the Owens Valley Paiute as Too-man-go-yah, or "very old man," Mt. Whitney - at 14,496 feet, the highest peak in the contiguous United States - is one of the most frequently climbed in the Sierra Nevada.Subjects: resource, hiking, Mt. Whitney, hounds, dogs, Trail Crest, adventure, ice-blue water, Outpost Camp, swimming, Mirror Lake