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Think you can't afford to homeschool?   I've got news for you...
You couldn't be more wrong!

Curriculum can be costly and often goes unused. So many times we purchase items that look good on the shelf or on the conference table but they don't quite work well for our teaching methods or more importantly our child's learning style.

Today's Internet is repleat with resources, study guides, lesson plans, forms, free books and plenty of helpful advice. We have spent years putting together this extensive list of fun and educational links, which will provide you with more than sufficient resources, available for free online so you won't be left scrambling for overpriced curriculum.

Those who purchase textbooks, workbooks or curriculum will be pleased to find an assortment of supplemental activities and ideas to provide reinforcement on tough subjects or as an alternative, when what you purchased, simply isn't working. It's all at your fingertips.

Children Learning Reading Affiliates

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Helpful Resources:

The best part is that your child will love the material available here. Whether you are looking for in depth science materials, fun math games, english assistance, art or drawing classes, you will find it here. I'll even make you a deal. If you don't find what you are looking for, E-mail me and I will do my very best to find it for you online -- absolutely free.

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