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Children do not come with instructions, nor are they one-size-fits-all, teaching a child with unique abilities or challenges can really tax our brain. You should know that help is available. You don't have to go it alone. The best part is the internet provides a wealth of information to assist you in meeting those challenges that come with teaching "the child with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and sensory integration issues."

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    • Single Parent Homeschoolingby Janet's Country Home Ages: 18+With compassion and down-to-earth suggestions, Richmond encourages parents and assures them that single-parent homes can produce healthy, well-adjusted children.Subjects: single, alone, Christian, homeschool, education

    • Single-Mom Homeschoolingby Margaret, Kathy, and Katrina Ages: 18+Meet three homeschooling moms who are single, who homeschool, and who are not only living to tell about it, but are doing it well...Subjects: testimony, parenting, homeschool, education, single, solo

    • Single Parent and Workingby Ann Zeise Ages: 18+There is really no reason that homeschooling can't be done completely on weekends and holidays. Do the math. Many states have some such day and/or hours per year sort of requirement that is close to 1000 hours a year.Subjects: single, alone, homeschool, education, working

    • Homeschooling while Single Parenting Ages: 18+This is a group for homeschooling single parents of all religous and secular beliefs. Members are free to discuss topics related to homeschooling and single parenting.Subjects: support, parenting, homeschool, education, single, solo

    • Single and Homeschoolingby Teri Brown Ages: 18+Many single parents, who might otherwise consider homeschooling, believe their marital status excludes them from this educational option. But with perseverance, flexibility and a strong network of support, single parent homeschooling can be done...Subjects: support, parenting, homeschool, education, single, solo

    • Single and Homeschooling Ages: 18+With Creativity, love, patience and a sense of humor we can give our children the education they deserve. Single parents who homeschool or are unschooling their children (or are thinking about it) are invited to discuss events and issues.Subjects: single, alone, Christian, homeschool, education

    • Homeschooling and Custody Issues: Compromise and Education are the Keys to Successby Linda J. Conrad Jansen, Esq. Ages: 18+The biggest problem with the issue of custody battles involving homeschooling is that both parents have to agree to the educational choice, or the judge is most likely to order a public school. This is true whether the alternative is private school or ...Subjects: custody, parenting, compromise, homeschool, education