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Celebrate a holiday everyday!

Check out the Budget Home$chool Holiday Section! Here we have provided links to holiday trivia, themes, educational projects just for kids and so much more... You will find information on the history of Valentine's Day, arts and craft ideas for Christmas, helpful ideas on starting your own family traditions the children will not only remember but pass along to their own children.

This page is packed full of links that will entertain and education children and adults alike.

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    • History of Christmas and the Symbols of Christmasby The Holiday Spot Ages: 7+Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival world over, and also the most popular festival globally. We have tried to present you with not only the history of Christmas, but also enjoyable information on the different icons that we associate with it.Subjects: Christmas, history, symbols, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, mistletoe, star, elves, Jesus Christ, Christianity, gifts, giving, reindeer, Rudolph

    • How Does the West Celebrate Christmas? Ages: 12+In many countries of the world, the celebration of Christmas on December 25th is a high point of the year. But why? Can it have any real meaning for us today? Is there a 'real' Christmas message?Subjects: traditions, history, origins, Christmas, tree, Santa Claus, Boxing Day

    • Christmas In Mexicoby Assunta Montes de Oca de Marshall Ages: 10+Christmas for Mexicans, in traditional homes and rural areas, is a religious holiday. It is a celebration of the Nativity. This means the birthday of Our Lord Jesus. In order to prepare for the day of symbolic commemoration, we have the "Posadas".Subjects: traditions, singing, piñata, Catholic, celebration, food

    • Christmas Traditions of the Ukraineby Andrew Gregorovich Ages: 12+When Ukraine under King Volodymyr (St. Vladimir) accepted Christianity from Byzantium in 988 A.D. many pagan traditions were in existence which were adapted by the Church to the new religion. Some of those traditions have survived a thousand years...Subjects: Christmas, holiday, traditions, Ukraine, celebration, Slavic, history

    • Christmas-Yule in Iceland Ages: 10+Welcome to Iceland and the Yule Traditions and Yule Lore found here. On these pages you will find some information about Yule traditions in ancient and modern times.Subjects: Christmas, Jul, Noel, Weihnachten, Iceland, Yule, cards, advent, calendar, history, stories, yuletide, midieval, saga, songs, photos, fun

    • Christian Origins of Familiar Christmas Customsby Women for Faith & Family Ages: 12+Though the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Christmas greeting cards, feasting and flowers have been largely commercialized, we can enjoy them in our homes by understanding their origins and meaning.Subjects: Christmas, masses, Christmas tree, decorating, cards, Saint Nicholas, feast, spirit, faith

    • How Christmas Worksby HowStuffWorks, Inc. Ages: 5+Christmas is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people around the world each year. Find out why Christmas is celebrated and learn about Christmas traditions.Subjects: history, gifts, traditions, Jesus’ birthday, decorations, lights

    • The Origins of Christmasby Christmas Time Ages: 10+You will find several pages within this section that are directly, or indirectly, related to the history of the Christian festival called Christmas, as well as touching on some of the customs and beliefs that have grown around it.Subjects: history, Christmas, biblical quotes, poetry, shopping, music, comedy, food, graphics, links, stories

    • Traditions: Christmas Trees and Ornamentsby Christmas Tree Farm Network Ages: 14+Some people trace the origin of the Christmas tree to an earlier period. Even before the Christian era, trees and boughs were used for ceremonials.Subjects: Christmas, tradition, stories, origin, ornament, history, nativity