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Holiday Links

Celebrate a holiday everyday!

Check out the Budget Home$chool Holiday Section! Here we have provided links to holiday trivia, themes, educational projects just for kids and so much more... You will find information on the history of Valentine's Day, arts and craft ideas for Christmas, helpful ideas on starting your own family traditions the children will not only remember but pass along to their own children.

This page is packed full of links that will entertain and education children and adults alike.

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    • A Holiday Curriculumby Diane Flynn Keith Ages: 7 - 16We've taken all that is mundane and exciting about the holidays and created a course-of-study that will not only satisfy national curriculum standards (so you can relax), but will also let you enjoy this magical time of year with your family.Subjects: Christmas, unit study, English, language arts, math, science, history, social studies, family traditions, festivals

    • A Holiday Preschool Curriculumby Diane Flynn Keith & Fran Wisniewski Ages: 2 - 7We've put together a holiday curriculum for young children and their families. These ideas will encourage you to take time to read and play together this holiday season and to celebrate old traditions while making new ones. Try these fun activities... Subjects: Christmas, reading, writing, education, language, curriculum, learning

    • Christmas Coloring Pagesby Apples4theTeacher Ages: 3 - 12Fun interactive printable Christmas coloring pages for kids to color online. Christmas pictures make great mouse practice for toddlers, preschool kids, and elementary students. Our coloring sheet readers are part of the learn-to-read, read-to-me series.Subjects: coloring book, printable, interactive, learn to read, pictures

    • Christmas Quiz I (novice level) by Trivia Park Ages: 8 - 14An illustrated on-line Christmas trivia quiz, celebrating Christmas on the Internet since 1995. This is the Novice Level quiz, featuring ten of the easier questions from our Christmas trivia collection. Subjects: quiz, Christmas, trivia, beginner, reindeer, mistletoe, fun, game

    • Project - Letters to Santaby TeachNet Ages: 5 - 14Older and younger students will work cooperatively in using listening and writing skills, and learning proper procedure for mailing letters.Subjects: lesson plans, English, Santa Claus, writing skills, letters, wish list